Design-construction of geodome

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The design of geodomes is inseparable from the application of advanced solutions. In today’s world, the construction sector is expanding and improving very rapidly, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions are sought. Some of the most important are speed and optimal calculation of constructions and materials, and reliability of the building. The more accurate we assess external factors and operating conditions the better the client’s needs and goals will be met.


As you understand, our main target is the design, modeling and adaptation of optimal and safe structures to the needs of modern people. In order for the construction of geodomes to meet the highest quality requirements, the aim is to design spherical structures with the largest possible load reserve, maximum thermal energy savings, and the best perspective for the use of the building.

Perfect microclimate

Geodomes will create an ideal microclimate. This sphere can be transparent, so it will be as bright as in the open air. You can adjust the amount of sunlight by increasing or decreasing it with special shutters. In the geodome, we can create a shade from the evergreen foliage of plants. In winter, when there is little solar heat in our country, we can offer mirror spherical heat collectors to increase the light intensity. The shape of the dome withstands a higher load than any other “right angle” construction because the weight and loads in the sphere are evenly distributed over its entire surface.




People, who want to have free space for creativity and want to present something exceptional there, often lack imagination. Our geodome can be one of those exclusive solutions; it can perform more than one function, it can also be a conservatory-greenhouse, an exhibition pavilion, a residential house, a children’s playground, a pool covering, a sauna…


As you can see, the design and construction of geodomes is a rather complex process that requires some skills and mastery. GEOKUPOLAI team has accumulated many years of experience and will offer a complete set of services that will help your vision to become a reality, no matter what it is …


These buildings include the potential to provide a great deal of natural light. And if the intensity of sunlight is not enough in autumn or spring, then an improved GEO-LIGHT system is installed on pole-luminaires that go from the floor and increase light efficiency several times. These systems are also equipped with a mirror sphere that collects sunlight and concentrates it to the expected intensity in the desired area. Therefore, these buildings are the brightest.


During the day, the sun warms up the dome air. Excess heat accumulated in the air is transferred by the same air and stored under the dome in the GEO-ACCU heat accumulator system developed by us. With the help of this system, the air is cooled on a sunny day by accumulating all the heat into a large amount of solid soil. During the cool night, the soil heat is returned to the building thus warming its air.


The separate parts of the dome run automatically from the warm air. In this way, the air in the dome is ventilated if the air outside the walls of the dome is favourable. To ensure excellent ventilation conditions for the construction of geodomes, we have developed an improved air ventilation system GEO-WIND, which properly optimizes air and heat flows.


If you have not created a shade of trees in the geodome, then we will install a GEO-SHADOW system that reduces the intensity of the sun and is intelligently managed. Geodome design with this system is a sliding dome-shaped structure that reflects unwanted direct sunlight and provides a refreshing shade for your space.


If there is a lack of heat or it is needed more than the sun can provide you or batteries have not accumulated enough, then a very efficient and economical GEO-HEAT heating system can be installed. It is a spherical furnace in the center of the dome that provides even convection and infrared heating using solid, liquid fuel or gas throughout the dome.


In the geodome, we can build the structures we want, equip our house, gym, grow butterflies, breed tropical birds, rainforest, vegetable greenhouse or exotic plant conservatory; here we can install a swimming pool or a sauna, a lounge or a production base, a garage for a car or a plane, an office or an exhibition hall.


If we need water to maintain plants or air humidity, then artificial rain GEO-RAIN or a capillary irrigation system is installed. This system is heated by the heat accumulated in the geodome, so the plants receive only warm water.


Due to its spherical surfaces, the geodome has special acoustic characteristics. If there is noise outside, it cannot get inside due to the acoustic ‘sound curtain’, which forms on the spherical surfaces. The waves gliding on the surface of the dome repel all the waves passing through them from the field, so the dome has a particularly good insulation of outdoor noise. The interior acoustics of the dome is characterized by the fact that it does not release the sound outwards and all the sound remains inside. Therefore, even a quietly speaking person or playing music is well heard from all parts inside the dome.