GEOKUPOLAI offers you future architectural structures – geodomes. We aim to embody the achievements of architectural science in this field, the invented constructions of perfect forms.


GEOKUPOLAI – an architecture of perfect geometry, inspired by nature and created through the knowledge of physics, geometry and mathematics.


GEOKUPOLAI – segmented buildings. We decided to take another bold step in the building market – to offer you original segmented-structure buildings. The buildings designed by our designers are quickly built, easy to assemble if needed, dismantled and easily transferred to their new location. A new concept – mobile buildings – would be appropriate for them.


GEOKUPOLAI abandons the stereotypes of traditional rectangular architecture and offer modern customer completely new, but sufficiently developed and adapted to various needs dome-shaped buildings and structures.


Constructions of these forms by their architectural solutions surpass other structures in the original segment, mobile construction and rapid construction.

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The production of geodomes – both building design and construction – takes the shortest time and the adaptation is the widest. From a greenhouse, conservatory-winter garden to a residential, industrial, public building or building on the water. Even the first buildings in space conquest programs also provide similar shapes and constructions.


How can we help you?

GEOKUPOLAI for you will:


Design -> Manufacture-> Build -> Maintain -> Service according to the latest architectural requirements


Our specialists will help to adapt geodomes to your most diverse needs, install the latest engineering equipment and do it at the lowest possible cost.


Preliminary works begin with a detailed acquaintance with the client's needs, during the discussion the client's goals, preferences and wishes are clarified. Only then the geodome design works begin. During the preliminary works, several architectural solutions are offered to the client. Once the most suitable option has been selected, the technical project preparation process begins, followed by the production of geodomes and construction work.

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Are you planning an important meeting, presentation or celebration? Arrange it in a transparent dome! Special events take place in non-traditional spaces. The diameter of the dome is from 5 to 12 meters, the area is from 14 to 110 square meters. Frame - glued wood or aluminum. Surface coatings: clear glass and/or lacquered plywood. We will deliver and install the dome at your desired location within 1 day.

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Where GEODOMES can be used?

Our company has a wide range of geodome design and construction capabilities. The latest design programs and technological solutions allow the construction of any spherical structure. According to your wishes, we will create a personalized and exclusive geodome project that will meet all the goals and wishes you have set.


This type of building is becoming more and more popular among event organizers because it is very easy to set up and disassemble. Geodomes do not need foundation, they can be built as a temporary building without special foundation preparation.


Solar greenhouses

The dome is an ideal option to provide the best conditions for your plants. Our building is easy to maintain an ideal microclimate due to its unique spherical construction and low heat loss.


Conservatory-winter garden

This architectural piece of art will not only help to keep the plants green, but will also give exclusivity to the environment of your home, it will be possible to refuse traditional ugly greenhouses and other farm buildings.



Want an exclusive exposition to show your artwork? Geodomes are perfect for this idea, their architectural uniqueness and exclusivity will impress the visitors of your exposition.



Geodomes are increasingly chosen for various creative workshops, product presentations, exhibitions or even fairs. We can design a prefabricated pavilion for your permanent and short-term exhibitions. It is a good alternative to the already boring traditional tent tents.



The production of geodomes, due to the thermal properties of the building, is perfect for the installation of geodesic sauna domes. The price of the building materials and construction is 70% lower than a standard sauna. The dome heats up much faster and the temperature inside stays much longer than in conventional baths.


Pool coverings

Another way to protect your pool from the cold winter weather is to cover it with the geodome. It has low heat transfer and stability.



Dome house? Why not? It is 70% more economical due to the low amount of building materials, maintains economically due to lower heating costs. Great freedom in interior and exterior design planning, so you will always have a cozy and exclusive house.



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