Uniqueness, exclusivity, multifunctionality…

Everything what you can imagine

Geodetic domes for events, public and private sector – our company designs and builds individual glass, metal and wooden geodesic domes. We offer more than 20 different models of geodesic domes that can be adapted to different needs. Geodesic domes are ecological houses of the future, and their timeless design and attractive aesthetics give them exclusivity, they can be designed as ultra-modern ecological houses, conservatories, indoor pools, luxury resorts, greenhouses, exhibition domes, domed gazebos or observatories – the possibilities are unlimited.

An unconventional place for your celebration in the open air! New experiences will delight the guests of the celebration, and the exclusive environment will leave a lot of impressions that will be remembered for a long time to come. Geodomes for events and celebrations are an unconventional space that exudes the best emotions and positive energy. Due to its architectural functionality, this building will suit every person’s taste, so with its help, you will be able to implement a variety of ideas that revolve in your mind. We can offer flexible solutions, for example – a lease of geodomes.

The latest patented technology we use allows us to offer the highest quality dome-shaped houses in both structural and aesthetic terms. The most modern and ecological materials are used: steel, aluminium, quality wood, tempered laminated safety glass, which can be single, double or triple, of opaque materials of various transparency or mirror surfaces. Our designed dome houses can meet the highest thermal insulation standards. Our company manages all processes related to building permits, and the end result is much better than any other standard houses on the market. We provide structural, waterproofing and other operational guarantees for our geodomes. Our factory is located in Vilnius. We can build dome houses anywhere in the European Union or outside the EU, depending on the project.

Comparing the costs of construction of standard and dome sauna, we can notice that 70 % of costs are saved when constructing a rounded sauna because fewer materials are used and the construction itself is smaller. The dome sauna heats up significantly faster, and the air temperature is maintained for a long and stable period. The dome itself is resistant to temperature changes and adverse weather conditions, so you can enjoy the sauna pleasures in winter and summer as well. Another very relevant advantage is mobility, so you will always find a place for this architectural masterpiece, and the assembly itself is very simple and takes up to two days. Our wide range of services allows us to provide the client with a wide range of services, so we have the opportunity to construct a dome sauna of any size that meets all your expectations and wishes.

The conservatory is a single-story, glazed building where various types of plants are grown. Folk people call this type of construction greenhouses, but as you have noticed, the functionality of this building is limitless, everything depends on your imagination. With the help of this construction, you will give exclusivity to the exterior of your home. This building with a glass roof and large windows is perfect for growing plants of warm countries, so we can boldly call it a winter garden. It is an all-season green oasis that can become a great place to relax. The main purpose is to expand and diversify your living space and merge with nature, this type of buildings is perfect for nature lovers, it can become an intermediate zone between the outdoors and the indoors. This place is not only for growing plants, it is also possible to spend evenings with your loved ones and enjoy cozy conversations over a cup of tea on both rainy and sunny days by setting up a table with chairs. And the internal heating and ventilation systems allow you to feel comfortable and warm all year round.

The domed greenhouse is an extremely solid construction, resistant to temperature changes and adverse weather conditions. The light transmittance of the dome itself is much higher than in a standard greenhouse. The building itself is very mobile, it takes one day to assemble, and it can be built where the heart desires. In a domed greenhouse, the yield is several times higher than in a standard greenhouse.

One of the solutions to protect your pool from the cold winter is our geodome. Its multifunctionality and flexibility of shapes open up a wide range of possibilities that allow the dome to be exploited in many areas, one of which is the pool covering. It is perfect for protection against winter frost, as it has low thermal conductivity. The temperature of the air keeps up long and stable. It is also resistant to temperature changes and unfavourable winter weather conditions, which is the most important thing in this case.

The uniqueness and unconventionality of the geodome can be perfectly used in exposition spaces and exhibitions. At this type of event, people want to take a break from their daily routine. In an exhibition or exposition, the dome can be the most eye-catching place that will bring your audience around. This dome can be used both indoors and outdoors. The creative design of the dome can turn it into an exhibition tool that infuses easily and organically into the environment. It can be easily adapted as an art gallery or studio, an exhibition space. As you have noticed, the aesthetics of this design fits easily in both urban and natural environments. So, we can boldly say that its adaptation possibilities are UNLIMITED.