What inspired GEODOMES?

geokupolai ikvepimas

Nature. The smallest form of life – the cell is a spherical shape, because it is the most perfect form in terms of its strength, connection with the environment. More advanced multicellular organisms are usually composed of cells that are spherically arranged and close together in similar geometric shapes as segments of geodomes.

Why dome buildings? The egg is also spherical in shape, as it is an unsurpassed structural solution on the earth. The front of the water drop is also spherical – because this shape causes the least wind resistance. When it is cold, all the animals usually curl up in the ball because that way the least amount of heat is lost in the cold. Of all these features, our modern buildings lack the most. Therefore, all you have to do is look around and we will find most of the solutions right next to us – in nature.


Subtropics are the most suitable climate for human habitation. When building houses and putting on clothes, we constantly strive to create such a microclimate around us. Therefore, our dome buildings allow us to create the most human-friendly environment.


History. Historically, we can see that when creating clothes and buildings, people seek to create a warm climate around themselves and to spend there as much time as possible. And a person heads to a hot sauna only for a short time. This seems to be nostalgia and the pursuit to visit the hot sunny tropics or even the sun-heated desert of the Sahara. To sweat out, stimulate the immune functions of our body. We only dive into a cold ice hole for a short time and only if we are hot because we have been to a hot bath or enrolled in a school for seals. But nobody enjoys the cold for a longer time.

Environmental friendliness

Only ecological materials are used in the production of geodomes.


Due to the strong structure of geodomes, dome houses can withstand even if 40% of the structure is damaged.


Heating and ventilation costs can be reduced by as much as 70%.


The cost of building a dome is 30% lower than a standard house.


Geodomes meet all ergonomic standards.


Since there are no retaining walls in the dome, freedom of creativity arises, which allows improvising in interior design.


The architecture of the warm-climate regions. In the south, the architecture of man-made buildings differs from the northern regions, even in some cases we would say that they are sort of absent at all or minimalistic. When the weather is good, you want to be outside all the time. Therefore, in these buildings, you will feel like in the southern region, where it is warm, good and cozy.


Geodomes can travel

The structure of the geodomes we have created is segmental, it can be fully disassembled and reassembled, so these spheres can be sedentary or travel with you – dome buildings can appear everywhere and for as long as you want.


The strongest structure on earth

The spherical structure of geodomes is the strongest structure on earth, found in both nature and man-made buildings, making domed houses an example of long-term operation.


We can only be limited by fantasy

We probably have the Caribbean subtropical island in our imagination. What can we do there? Much like on an island – everything, something or just nothing. We can grow vegetables, we can have a subtropical or Mediterranean forest, or we can grow tropical butterflies. Or maybe you decide that it is best to sit under a palm tree and meditate there. So, it all depends on your imagination.